Spaces by Design

Spaces By Design is a home design studio redefining projects by elevating the full potential of home spaces, including kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.


The Spaces By Design team approached Dsquared for a fresh pair of eyes to help them elevate their brand and attract high-quality leads.

With several competitors in Stamford, it was important for our team to gain an in-depth understanding of how Spaces By Design’s unique approach sets them apart. We started by delivering a discovery workshop, where our brand and content team reviewed Spaces By Design’s marketing channels, including their advertising, messaging, and digital presence.

Once we understood their space-led design approach and explored their stunning Stamford showroom, it was clear that their marketing materials were not reflective or consistent, leading to a disjointed user experience.

As a Design Studio we like to think we have high standards for good design, the details and how to exceed the expectations of our customers. These standards were easily surpassed with Dsquared when they undertook the ground up redesign of our printed adverts and website. They have delivered original ideas with impactful design that reflects our brand and ethos perfectly.

Andrew Pope

Making space for what matters

As one of their main USPs, we wanted to bring this approach to their marketing. Our brand and content team created new messaging playing on their unique ‘Space-led’ approach to home design. We created a process-led series of adverts, which highlighted the different stages of their process, from ideation to installation and beyond. We used clear messaging to elevate their brand, 'creating your space,' 'maximise your space' and 'enjoying your space,' and a softer colour palette to reflect their premium service.

With a more authentic ad concept showcasing the client process, our digital team explored how this could translate to a new website. Working collaboratively with the Spaces By Design team on their messaging, process, and design style, it quickly became clear that we needed to evidence this with photography to bring their client projects to life.

Spaces By Design enlisted the help of a local interior photographer, providing our web designers with fabulous imagery to work with, capturing the imaginations of prospective clients.

Creating spaces

A user-centred design approach was front and centre of this project. We created unique landing pages for each space, easy to navigate from both the homepage and takeover menu. We designed the homepage to highlight the unique Spaces By Design process, showcasing the outcomes of their meticulous designs through photography and stand-out video footage. We evolved their colour palette using richer and warmer tones to provide a luxurious and inviting feel.

Our digital team set out to create a web structure and navigation that would provide a seamless user journey. The engaging and content-rich takeover menu added a further opportunity to reinforce Spaces by Design’s brand identity, playing to their strength of going beyond the confines of a space to consider your home design project holistically. We also employed a sticky Get in Touch button to encourage lead generation, making it easier for the user/potential customer to submit an enquiry or book a consultation.

The ‘creating spaces’ section combines relevant home design articles to enhance organic SEO, evidenced with their case studies to guide users through the Spaces By Design process from ideation and installation to the final design, and relaxation!