Raven Homes

Raven Homes is part of an established, award-winning provider of homes across Surrey and Sussex.

Tasked with Raven Homes brand development, the Dsquared creative team’s goal was to raise the profile of Raven Homes and their development's, supporting them to sell houses and create consistent marketing communications.

Dsquared were provided with a single ‘ambition’ paragraph from Raven Homes to interpret:

“To Raven building homes goes beyond just bricks and mortar – it’s about the people inside. Our aim is to create inspirational new communities, providing high quality new homes in sustainable locations, where people are able to lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.”

The Dsquared team developed and built upon this to align Raven Homes creative design, marketing strategy and communications. The creative team crafted individual marketing strategies based upon where Raven wanted to focus their sales efforts. With a dedicated Account Manager, we ensured a smooth process and consistent communication between the creative team, Raven Homes and their third-party sales channels.

Burrstone Gardens

Initially we were supplied with a single paragraph brief summarising Raven’s ambition for their first exclusive development, Burrstone Gardens. Our job was to interpret the words and craft a striking, creative visual identity and set of marketing tools to complement it. 

The creative team set to work exploring the location, history, and relevant information surrounding the development name. We devised moodboards and outline sketches for the Raven team to review and agree the best angle of approach.

A burrstone is a tough, silicified limestone formerly used to make millstones. A visual representation of a burrstone was the inspiration for the brand design, a hand-drawn illustration was created and combined with sympathetic typography. A strong blue was chosen for its trustworthy, calm, and open qualities. This was teamed with a quiet olive green to demonstrate compassion and understanding. Together the colours form a hopeful and empowering combination reflective of Burrstone Garden’s commitment to provide exceptional service and deliver on their promises.

The development was a huge success, with customers reserving homes and moving into the area alongside local residents who had the opportunity to buy a new home in a safe community environment.

Rosebay Close

Rosebay Close is an inspiring collection of eight new semi-detached homes. Nearby leafy parks and open spaces bathed in dappled sunlight were the inspiration for the bold colour palette and complementary organic line forms. Mulberry was chosen to reflect a sense of grandeur and peace, accented with cool taupe tones for a calm and relaxing feel, mirroring the development’s nature.

Go the extra mile

Dsquared recommended that Raven Homes enter the prestigious WhatHouse Awards. With previous experience writing winning entries, the team created and submitted the award entry on behalf of Burrstone Gardens. They were delighted to receive an award in the best regeneration category- a great result highlighting the close working relationship between Raven Homes and Dsquared.

“Dsquared effortlessly interpreted our initial brief and have continually provided us with fresh ideas and designs for marketing collateral across the board.”

Karen Tibbs, Head of Sales & Marketing at Raven Homes.