Former London PR agency, MCM approached Dsquared to rebrand their agency to LionbridgePR as part of their relocation to Stamford.

This included the design and build of their new Craft CMS website. It was important for the ‘Lion’ and ‘Bridge’ elements of the new logo to stand out to show the PR agency connecting with symbols that resonate with local people.

LionbridgePR specialises in crisis communications, so our brand team harnessed a navy and deep red colour palette to evoke trust and professionalism. Both the new brand and website needed to bring the name to life whilst embedding this new PR company in the local community. 

Our digital team wanted to create a clean, dynamic website that created a lasting impression on the user. Since the website launched, we have continued to work with the team on optimising and developing their site further as the agency grows. The updated site now features their brand video, a creative new meet the team page and a takeover navigation.


Case Study Pages 

Along with the fabulous branding work, our website is beyond expectations and positions us exactly where we want to be. We would not have got anywhere near to where we are now without you.

Ben McCarthy, Founding Partner | LionbridgePR