City Culture Peterborough

Our aim was to help, what was then called, City Culture Peterborough to establish themselves as a leading online destination for cultural activity and entertainment. 

We designed a flexible and adaptable web framework that offered a long-term solution. City Culture Peterborough was the umbrella site which allowed staff to easily manage and update all the sub-sites from one area.

Our proposed approach ensured that we produced sites for City Culture Peterborough that covered their requirements and more; with the ability to grow and develop going forward. 

The multisite capability means all activities, events, news etc from all the other sites can be pulled into the top level site, and also allows users to search activities, events, news etc from across all the sites in one place.

Peterborough Libraries/Peterborough Archives/ Business & Intellectual Property Centre

We transformed the user experience making the design functional and captivating and made the key services more prominent whilst ensuring simple navigation. We designed a seamless connection to the third-party integrated system for the online catalogue and renewals. 

With the Peterborough Archives, we created a distinct section with its own identity, enhancing user flow within existing systems. The Business & Intellectual Property Centre received an upgrade too – now a standout section under libraries, with increased prominence. We also set up a dedicated URL, boosting its marketing potential and visibility. 

Peterborough Museums and Art Gallery / Arts in Peterborough

We seamlessly blended the best of the museum and arts. The "What's On" section became a central hub, for activities, events, and exhibitions linking to the booking system for ease. We created engaging user experience for the visitors.

Flag Fen

The plan your visit element focused the users to get to all the information they need quickly and efficiently, with strong calls to action for booking tickets/admission and registering interest. All key activities and associations were highlighted and would gave Flag Fen its own identity, which was needed to give it a boost.



Flag Fen