Recess College

The Recess College is a unique and life-enhancing leadership programme.

The Recess College sought to revitalise its brand and online presence to reflect its forward-thinking strategy. Dsquared was chosen to undertake this transformation, aiming to connect with the existing audience whilst appealing to a broader demographic.

Our objective was to evolve The Recess College visual identity and online presence to support their brand story. The existing brand was seen as tired and inconsistent, necessitating a refreshed approach. The goal was to create a brand and website that celebrated the organisation's dynamic strategy and vision whilst communicating with a bolder, more confident voice.

Dsquared's interpretation of the brief involved a comprehensive examination of how best to present The Recess College to the outside world. The focus was to align design ideas with the College's unique selling points, vision, and mission. We proposed an evolution of the current brand, which included the development of a responsive logo for maximum impact and recognisability across all communication channels.

A beacon of leadership and inspiration

For the new brand identity, we aimed to capture the essence of The Recess College's positivity and inspiration. Our branding team proposed a strong responsive logo to work seamlessly in various sizes for maximum impact and legibility. The brand evolution included a new colour palette, typeface and a competitor analysis to ensure differentiation.

“We are delighted with the revitalised identity that the Dsquared team have created for us. Their approach to our brand and website has exceeded expectations, showcasing our unique institution positively to existing and potential stakeholders.”

Recess College

Crafting the site

The Dsquared digital team wanted the new Recess College website to clearly define their mission, impact, and relevance to participants and alumni - ensuring it appealed to a diverse audience, from young professionals to company directors. The new website creates a more sophisticated look and feel, featuring clear content, signposting of call-to-actions and a user-friendly contact form.