What social media platforms are best for your business

What social media platforms are best for your business?

With so many social media platforms available it can easily seem daunting to have a presence everywhere. But does your business actually need to be on every single platform?

To help get you started, have a think about why you are using each social media platform and how it ties in with your business objectives. It is much more effective to use two platforms really well, than trying to have a presence everywhere but not having any time to post appealing content. Consider the following three points and then have a look at our quick guide to each platform:

  • Are you B2B or B2C, or both?
  • What’s your target audience?
  • What are your social media goals and marketing goals?


As the largest social media platform, having a Facebook page does seem to be crucial for most businesses. You do have to think about whether your audience uses the platform though. If you are targeting 18-25s the likelihood is that they do not have an active profile or have no presence at all. Some businesses have an active Facebook page so they can utilise the data available through Facebook advertising.


If you have a lot of content Twitter is a great platform for getting noticed by different audiences including influencers and the press. There is a list feature where you can segment your audiences to stay on top of trending conversations in your industry. It is not the best platform if you’re showcasing visual content but if you want to quickly spread the word and have lots to say, then it could be a perfect match.


The largest worldwide B2B network with 6.3 million professional accounts. If you are a B2B marketeer, then you will not need to hear that LinkedIn is the place to be! The crucial point to remember is the huge capacity of the platform – it is the number 1 for lead generation with an intuitive campaign management tool enabling business to effectively tailor to specialist audiences by job title, company size, industry and demographics.


With over 800 million active users, Instagram is continuing to grow in popularity. It is really effective for expanding your product visibility and shoppable posts allow businesses to add tags to the products in their photos with a ‘shop now’ link directly to your online store. For B2C businesses that need to showcase their products and services visually, Instagram is a great tool to reach new audiences and encourage engagement.


A perfect fit for creative companies who want to inspire consumers and create a feel for their products and values. Consumers use Pinterest to make decisions, whether it’s about a holiday destination or interior design ideas for their new home – the key is to stand out from the crowd and give them the answer they are looking for.

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