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The New Business as Normal

For the health, safety and protection of our staff and everyone around them, the Dsquared team is working from home. Our individual locality isn’t in the office but as an office we’re still up and running and communicating, just with different tools. This dynamic cultural shift means that instead of calling over the office or wheeling a chair up to a colleague we’re communicating on video calls and messenger apps. The banter is still there although sometimes it’s a bit reverberated and echoed!

Likewise although we’re not nipping out to client offices or inviting them in for meetings, we’re enjoying video calls together, it’s not necessarily what we’re all used to but we do get to see what each others cats looks like whilst we discuss projects.

….. It’s the new norm and the business carries on. Afterall, work is what we do, not where we are!

Some 4 or 5 years ago we switched our workflow management to an online service so we still have access to the same resources and project management tools that we would have in the office. We have taken our devices, laptops, macs and colouring pencils home with us to ensure that the work is still being produced to schedule and of course to the high standard that our clients have become accustomed to.

We’re supporting our clients and quickly adapting campaigns to ensure they still reach their target audiences. It’s these quick thinking, refocussed ideas and calls for last minute changes that will ensure our clients keep their marketing momentum going.

As always, we’re here to help if anyone needs any advice as they navigate the challenges of adapting their marketing, or at least offer a friendly ear!