Dsquared - Scotgate Office Old

The History of The Scotgate

We are a lucky gang to work in Stamford, but also from our chilled office space, which like the town itself, is steeped in history. If only the walls could talk!

Flashback over 150 years, when Phipps’ Brewery rebuilt No. 5 Scotgate as a wine and spirit store... The store was a lavish construction using high quality terracotta from Blashfield’s factory. The ornate parapet boasts Phipps’ trade mark, the Northampton coat of arms. The building had a large carriage entrance to facilitate the delivery to and export from the warehouse.

The store closed in 1936, and the building was converted into a public house, which opened in 1937 and was called the Scotgate Arms. In 1961, the name changed to the Scotgate Inn. In around 2000, the pub became part of the Dr Thirsty chain, with the name changed to reflect this. Shortly after this the pub became The Scotgate. In 2006 the interior was updated, and the pub reopened as Cromwells under local ownership.

From 2011, it’s been the home of Dsquared, and we love it’s quirky character. Now, where did we put those beer glasses!

Come and visit us!