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The Cambridge Cider Company

Brands with a compelling story or message can create a deeper connection with consumers. This connection goes beyond the product itself, allowing consumers to emotionally invest in the brand. This storytelling aspect can be particularly effective in the alcohol industry, where the experience and lifestyle associated with the product are often key selling points.

The Cambridge Cider Company approached Dsquared to engage their services to help launch an exciting new brand of cider. What started as a single cider product quickly expanded to a range of 7 core products of both draught and bottled ciders - with the odd limited edition label thrown in for good measure.

Along with an eye catching brand, which included pack and promotional materials, a smart eCommerce website was created to showcase products and allow customers to purchase a range of ciders online.

Take a look here.

A flexible and well-thought-out brand can adapt to changes in the market or expansions in product lines. In the case of The Cambridge Cider Company, the expansion from a single cider product to a range of core products and limited editions demonstrates the adaptability of the brand to new offerings.

Good branding is instrumental in creating a strong and memorable identity for an alcohol brand. It goes beyond visual aesthetics to encompass the entire consumer experience, influencing purchasing decisions, and fostering long-term loyalty.