Blythe foundation

Supporting the Benedict Blythe Foundation

On 1st December 2021, Benedict Blythe woke up, opened his advent calendar, and went off to school. He ate a snack and collapsed shortly afterward. He died later that day in hospital, and on that day the lives of his friends and his family changed forever.

As a result of that tragic day, Helen Blythe set up the Benedict Blythe Foundation and commissioned research into the school allergy landscape, looking at work done, policy and guidance, and international legislation. Following that, Helen launched a petition requesting the government implement new legislation in four key areas. The petition reached 10,000 people within 2 weeks.

Dsquared has recently donated its creative skills, working closely alongside Helen and her team to design a 56-page brochure sharing the lived experiences of parents, children, and teachers in managing allergies in a school environment. The brochure will be showcased by Jim Shannon MP at a Backbench Business Debate to discuss Allergies in Schools in Westminster Hall.

You can support the cause at Let's create safer schools together.