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Jeakins Weir Brand Launch

Happy 50th anniversary Jeakins Weir

2023 was the perfect time for construction specialists Jeakins Weir to start planning for their 50th year in business. With their anniversary (February 2024) looming they approached us to revitalise their brand and website, being careful to bring their existing audience of followers along with them on their journey.

Dsquared were challenged with evolving the JW brand in line with their family values and local heritage. The creative approach retained the recognised and respected JW deep red colour, supplemented with a secondary colour blue, alongside a modernised typeface and a neat JW icon for use on digital channels.

Keep an eye out for phase 2 which will include, an all new website, and more. The Dsquared team love working with local companies with such a strong heritage and family values.

Dsquared, have guided us through the process and provided a top quality, professional, and friendly service throughout. We look forward to working with you on Phase 2 of our brand refresh with a new website.

Sophie Lindsay | Marketing and Bid Manager, Jeakins Weir