How User Generated Content (UGC) has transformed social media content creation

How User Generated Content (UGC) transforms social media

Let’s admit it, 2020 was a complete shambles! And as we reach mid-January, it does feel like more of the same.

We’re all stressed. Exhausted. And under pressure to do everything. Yet, the content creation must go on!

To make matters worse, we hate to break it to you, but you aren’t your company’s best salesperson… No matter how successful your degree, training, or marketing experience is, no-one in your business is as good at promoting your product/service as your customers.

This is why brands are continually taking advantage of user-generated content (UGC).

Content marketing isn’t only about content. It’s about connection. When users talk about your product or service, you’re more likely to make a sale. Sometimes your most innovative and convincing content comes straight from your customers’ mouths, kind of like a social recommendation.

48% of marketing professionals think that content created by customers helps humanise their marketing, because customers want relationships with brands they like.

UGC works on Instagram, Facebook, blogs or any social media platform. It encompasses everything from images and testimonials to exciting and snappy ‘how to’ reel edits, created and shared by your customers online.

Many brands have tonnes of followers who are keen to share their thoughts, participate in content initiatives, or even create their own content on the brands’ behalf. Some voluntarily do it, just because it’s a brand which they really like and believe in – basically they’re super fans!

When it comes to recommending and promoting products or services, customers are more inclined to trust their friends and colleagues, as opposed to a brand bigging themselves up. People want to know about other customer’s experiences before committing to a purchase.

UGC is 85% more influential than brand content.

Take advantage

Brands who direct their efforts not just on promoting themselves, but on inspiring their customers to promote them, can gain where traditional marketing approaches are unsuccessful: forming trust, earning credibility and selling more.

UGC is valuable because it’s the most honest and reliable type of content customers can access. People trust it, because its fellow users’ genuine experiences, feelings and feedback.

Showcasing real experiences from real customers validates the authenticity of your promotional message. This display of brand advocacy from customers, will enhance your brand image, alongside evergreen and organic word-of-mouth promotion.

UGC is a great asset to all brands, but in particular smaller, start-up, independent brands who depend on customer satisfaction and spreading that satisfaction online.

To thrive on social media, you need to do more than just talk about your brand.

Active users won’t waste their time scrolling through meaningless, samey content and one-sided ads which don’t relate to them on a personal level.

USG however, promotes two-way conversations, encourages meaningful relationships, user satisfaction and more.

Hashtags are a perfect way to encourage online conversations, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Monitoring these hashtags will also help you recognise what drives your customer’s purchase decisions and what they think about your brand, both of which are extremely useful when creating future content.

Engaging with comments and content under your hashtag is vital. Small interactions, whether it’s a like, comment or re-share help form authentic connections. Customers enjoy engaging with brands and it leaves a lasting impression, making them more inclined to post about and buy your product in future.

User engagement is so important when it comes to being effective on social media, because it contributes to conversions, which are key for your brand when completing the purchase cycle. You achieve maximum engagement when users are creating content, engaging, contributing to hashtag campaigns and interacting through responses.

Ads with UGC get 5x more click-through rates.

Most importantly

UGC is one of the simplest, cheapest and easiest opportunities to exploit; it requires considerably less resources and effort and it’s a great chance to make your content fun!

If customers think your content is exciting, they’ll engage more with your brand in the future.

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