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Help your business move forward in uncertain times -maximise your marketing

The dreaded R-word looks like it might be on the verge of making a comeback in marketing. It’s not retargeting, It’s recession.

If you want to prevent your business from suffering the same fate in light of Covid-19, you need to look at ways of adapting your traditional marketing strategy as soon as you can.

The long-term effect that coronavirus might have on businesses is not yet known. What we do know is companies that roll with the punches, look to change things up and adapt the way they promote their business in a very challenging landscape will come out on top when normality returns.

Marketing should never stop. Even when a crisis like Covid-19 seems to be consuming everyone’s attention, you still need to get your message out to your target audience and customers — all be it in a sensitive manner.

Out of sight really does mean out of mind. If you don’t keep in touch with your customer network you risk losing them to a more proactive competitor. It's always cheaper to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one.

Five steps you can take to prepare your marketing activity during the CV lockdown

  1. Get online, brochures, sales materials, videos and even conversations can all be carried over the worldwide web from the comfort of your home office.
  2. Get social. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Ensure all your profiles are correctly set-up and have engaging content.
  3. Send that email. Carefully crafted and targeted e-campaigns really do work. Make the subject line work for you.
  4. Optimise online. Ensure sure website stands out from competitors and really delivers on your brand promise via a clear UX.
  5. Online never closes. Even when the high street is closed an online shop remains open for business 24/7.