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Dsquared Directives

We can’t wait to see you again!

We’re delighted to be able to welcome you back to visit us at Dsquared HQ. A lot has happened since you last visited and we have implemented some changes to the office to keep you safe.

Before you arrive, please take a look at our Covid Commandments for visitors:

Please sanitise your hands upon entry to the building.

There are hand sanitising stations at every entrance and throughout the office.

Please keep a safe distance apart.
We’re happy to greet you with a wave or an air high five for the time being! Luckily we have a nice big meeting room table so we can sit close enough to hear each other but far apart enough to remain socially distanced.

Best bring your own cuppa.
To be on the safe side, we’re not going to offer to make you a drink. We have temporarily closed the kitchen so feel free to BYO.

For your convenience.
We have an ‘only one person can visit the bathroom at a time’ rule. You’re welcome to use the facilities but please use the antibacterial spray and wipe down all surfaces after.

Move in a certain way.
We have a new route when navigating around the office, we’re making more use of the doors at the front of the office and have closed some internal doors. We just ask that you keep movement to a minimum and check that you’re not going to cross paths with anyone before you set off.

Obviously we can still meet via Whereby or if it’s a nice day we can sit outside and have our meeting on the benches.