4 top tips

4 top tips for getting the best from your creative agency

A good working relationship with a great creative agency can really benefit your business. Here are our top tips on how to get the best bang for your buck!

1. Never say: “Just do whatever you think”

You wouldn’t say this to a builder, so why say this to your creative agency? it’s really important to provide a clear brief. Don’t be vague about your tastes, if you really hate the colour purple and have an aversion to Comic Sans font, it’s best to say from the outset.

2. Let them be creative

Give your agency clear parameters within which to work, but let them do what they do best and be creative.

3. Know your budget

It makes life so much easier for both parties when you clearly communicate your budget. It gives a design team parameters to work within when coming up with creative solutions.

4. Remember, you’re not a designer

Try and remember that you’ve hired a design company for a reason. You’re not a designer – so don’t assume the role. You’re paying money for their expertise so make sure you use it to your best advantage.

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